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Use of ArriveCAN

Compulsory Application to enter In Canada.

Need to Enter All Mandotary information before and after your entry into Canada. easily available in Play Store, for IOS App Store, also can login online (https://arrivecan.cbsa-asfc.cloud-nuage.canada.ca/en/welcome)

Must Provide details.

  • Way of Entering in Canada (By Air, Land, Sea)
  • Post of Entry in Canada (Location Where you will arrive)

Make sure if you using the application it’s updated. 

if you are filing online you can use the above link.

ArriveCAN is completely free and mandatory.

What if you don’t submit Details.

  • if arriving by Air or Cruise your Boarding may be denied. 
  • maybe get quarantine and day – 8 Test. 
  • Face delays at the border for public health questioning.
  • It May be subject to fines or enforcement action