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Use of ArriveCAN

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ArriveCAN, a mobile app and web portal initiated by the Canadian government, streamlines the travel process for entering Canada. Travellers can effortlessly submit their contact information, travel plans, and mandatory health details, including COVID-19 symptoms and test results, through the platform. Canadian border services utilize this information for health screenings, expediting entry procedures.

Travellers, using the app or web portal, receive crucial updates and information from the Canadian government, such as travel advisories and quarantine measures. This ensures travellers stay well-informed and compliant with regulations during their stay in Canada.

Especially crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic, ArriveCAN facilitates contactless and efficient travel processes while upholding public health measures. It minimizes border wait times, guarantees the collection of necessary information before arrival, and enhances the safety and security of both travellers and the Canadian population.

In summary, ArriveCAN serves as a digital platform that simplifies the travel process to Canada, ensuring travellers fulfill all prerequisites before arrival. It stands as an indispensable tool for travellers and a pivotal component of the Canadian government’s strategy to manage travel and public health effectively during the pandemic.

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