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Apply for Canada Visitor visa, know the exact requirement and prepare the best application with us. Maximise your chances of getting a Visa. and help you to Get Canada visitor visa from India. Also get knowledge of Canada Visitor visa fees.

  • Canada Visitor Visa Processing Time

    Visit Canada on Canada Visitor Visa, get your Canada visitor visa from India and know the Canada Visitor visa fee.

    – 45 Working Days
  • Embassy Fees for Canada Visitor visa from India – CDN 100
  • Biometric – CDN 85

Required Documents:

  • Application Forms
  • A passport is valid for a minimum of six months.
  • 2 Photos 35×45 White Background 80% face visibility.
  • Work-related Documents like leave letter/Salary Slip/Bank Statement showing salary entry. 
  • Covering Letter.
  • Income Tax Papers Last Three Years.
  • Bank Statement for the last three months.
  • Property Papers with valuation.
  • All Savings and Investment Documents like Fix-Deposit, LIP Surrender Value, Share Certificate, NSC etc.


  • Confirmed Hotel Bookings.
  • Tour Itinerary
  • Flight Ticket

Sponsor: (if Applicant have any friends and relative in Canada)

    • Letter of Sponsorship.
    • Visa Status like Passport – PR Card – Work Permit – Study Permit
    • Address Proof if rented then Rent Agreement or Tenancy Agreement.
    • Tax Assessment 
    • Income Proof like Salary slip / 
      Contract Agreement / Appointment Letter.

After careful review of the visitor visa application embassy will make the final decision on the application, please note Canadian embassy never asked for pending or more documents in case of a Canada visitor visa. the embassy will make the decision on whatever documents are provided. try to submit the maximum number of documents in support of your visitor visa application.  

Here at MN Immigration Pvt. Ltd. we will take care of all types of technicalities and make sure that your application submission is made in the right manner and satisfy all requirement which will lead your application to a positive outcome. 

we also believe in transparency so MN Group Always makes you aware of your application like application form details – submitted documents, one of our experts will seat with you and submit your application in your presence. put all our efforts to make you fly to Canada.