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Alberta Rural Renewal Stream (AIPP)

Rural Renewal Stream – Community designation

Welcome to the Rural Renewal Stream, a vital initiative addressing the pressing labor needs and skill shortages in rural Alberta communities while facilitating the seamless integration of newcomers into these vibrant locales. This unique program necessitates communities to actively seek designation from the Government of Alberta to participate.Rural Renewal Stream – Community designation

At its core, the Rural Renewal Stream is a community-driven endeavor, emphasizing the pivotal role of localities in shaping their workforce and enhancing their communities. Once officially designated, a community collaborates closely with employers to strategically attract, recruit, and retain newcomers. The key to this success lies in the exchange of crucial information regarding settlement supports, encompassing essential aspects such as accommodation, education, healthcare, and specialized services like language training.

To become a part of this transformative initiative, aspiring candidates must undergo a meticulous selection process and secure an endorsement from a designated community. It’s important to note that applying directly to the province of Alberta without the endorsement of a candidate letter from a designated community is not advisable.

The Rural Renewal Stream serves as a conduit for fostering collaboration between communities and newcomers, creating an environment where both can thrive. By aligning the needs of rural Alberta with the skills and talents of newcomers, we strive to build resilient and dynamic communities that are well-equipped for the future.

For communities seeking to champion this cause and for individuals aspiring to make a meaningful impact in rural Alberta, the Rural Renewal Stream stands as a beacon of opportunity and collaboration. Together, we can shape a future where communities flourish, and newcomers find a welcoming home in the heart of rural Alberta. Join us on this journey towards growth, inclusivity, and prosperity.

List of designated communities

List of designated communities


Designation Date

City of Brooks (including: Town of Bassano, Village of Duchess, County of Newell, Village of Rosemary)
May 13, 2022
City of Grande Prairie
July 6, 2022
Town of Whitecourt
July 20, 2022
Town of Taber (including: Municipal District of Taber, Town of Vauxhall, Town of Coaldale, Town of Picture Butte, Lethbridge County, Town of Cardston, Town of Milk River, Town of Raymond)
July 20, 2022
Town of Innisfail (including: Town of Olds, Town of Bowden)
September 9, 2022
Municipal District of Smoky River (including: Town of Falher, Village of Donnelly, Village of Girouxville)
September 9, 2022
County of Grande Prairie (including: Town of Sexsmith, Town of Wembley, Town of Beaverlodge, Village of Rycroft)
September 9, 2022
Town of Trochu (including: Village of Acme, Town of Three Hills, Village of Linden)September 9, 2022
Fort McMurray Wood BuffaloSeptember 9, 2022
Municipality of JasperSeptember 13, 2022
County of Barrhead (including: Town of Barrhead)November 8, 2022
Town of HintonNovember 8, 2022
Town of Fairview (including: Village of Hines Creek)January 13, 2023
City of Medicine Hat (including: County of Forty Mile, Cypress County, Town of Bow Island, Town of Redcliff)January 13, 2023
Town of Fox CreekFebruary 13, 2023
City of Cold LakeMarch 10, 2023
County of St. Paul (including: Town of St Paul, Town of Elk Point, Summer Village of Horseshoe Bay)March 10, 2023
Town of Drayton ValleyMarch 10, 2023
Town of Slave Lake (including: Sawridge First Nation, Municipal District of Lesser Slave River)March 10, 2023
City of LloydminsterMarch 29, 2023
City of LethbridgeMarch 29, 2023
Town of WestlockMarch 29, 2023
Municipal District of Greenview No.16 (including: The Town of Valleyview)March 29, 2023
Town of Peace RiverJune 14, 2023
Town of Sylvan LakeJune 14, 2023
City of WetaskiwinAugust 2, 2023
Special Areas 2, 3, 4 (including: Town of Hanna, Town of Oyen, Village of Consort, Village of Empress, Village of Veteran, Village of Youngstown, Municipal District of Acadia No. 34)August 2, 2023
Growth Regional Economic Development Alliance (including: Woodlands County, Town of Swan Hills, Town Mayerthorpe)September 22, 2023
County of Northern Lights (including: Town of Manning)September 22, 2023
Town of BonnyvilleSeptember 22, 2023
Town of Two HillsSeptember 22, 2023
Lac La Biche County (including: Hamlet of Lac La Biche, Hamlet of Plamondon and Greater Region)October 4, 2023
Town of High LevelDecember 14, 2023
Town of DidsburyDecember 14, 2023

Community requirements

1. Identifying and collaborating with local employers offering permanent (minimum 12 months, full-time, non-seasonal) job opportunities that need to be filled.
2. Establishing connections with settlement providing organizations to address and plan for the unique settlement needs within our community.
3. Crafting additional criteria (optional) to streamline the recruitment of foreign nationals, potentially focusing on specific occupations of interest to the community.
4. Responsively handling inquiries from foreign nationals during active recruitment phases.
5. Collaborating closely with employers to facilitate the selection and endorsement of foreign nationals.
6. Developing and implementing a comprehensive plan for the warm welcome and seamless settlement of foreign nationals within our vibrant community.