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MN Group is an Immigration consulting organization in Ahmedabad – Visa Consultant in Ahmedabad – Gujarat, India. Also working as a study abroad Consultant / overseas education consultant – Visa Consultant in Ahmedabad -. Additionally, MN Immigration Pvt. Ltd. is a GST Registered Company. having numerous satisfied clients not only in India but also around the world. provide correct knowledge to those who wish to Settle, Study or Visit Abroad. and looking for a professional Visa consultant for assistance. Potential immigrants – International Students – Visitors will find our services to be of great value. which provides the right platform to build a concrete future on it.

Furthermore, we concentrate on visa approvals. And for that, we have that deep documentation knowledge, and the ability to solve file queries. Although, no matter whether you are applying for any category we have a team of knowledgeable staff, who can help you on every edge.

Moreover, our councillor only follows the origin you can verify provided details on the government’s official websites. like. e.g.



Meanwhile, we also associated with Immigration lawyers in Canada – the USA – Australia – New Zealand. Similarly, we are committed to providing the quality services and information you deserve. After all, Obtaining a visa is a great achievement, but the journey has just begun for most. At MN Group, we constantly strive to provide you with all the vital information necessary to move your goods, find jobs, and secure accommodation. which will enable you to make a smooth transition into Canadian society. Identically our services will make you confident that we deliver what we promise.

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Transparency is the Key

As a Visa Consultant (Visa Agent) and Study Abroad Consultant, altogether, We Believe in a transparent process and provide enough time for every case. We seat with our clients and discuss all processes. meanwhile, our clients are always aware of the complete application process. Albeit our knowledge and expertise help us to choose the most appropriate, least expensive and most beneficiary immigration category or study program, for the Applicant. so they can consistent with their desires and intentions. basically, we monitor the processing stages of each case to ensure the fastest processing time. We counsel our clients at every stage to ensure that they are ready for the process. Additionally, Upon receipt of visas, Applicants are counselled one more time to ensure a full understanding of the terms and conditions of their visa. Also, we operate with the highest standard of integrity and confidentiality is assured to all of our clients.

Processes We Know

As an Abroad Education Consultant (Student Visa Agent) We guide those students who are looking for professionals. can guide them not only with visas but through the whole process. Also as we are into the Canada Immigration process we also guide them for future settlements. 

We can also help entrepreneurs for searching businesses. And find good companies for tie-ups. We can help to provide the client’s up-to-date information for the products, segments, preparation of the legal documents, incorporation of the companies, IT matters, Joint ventures, and turnkey projects.  We have wide experience professional staff members and associate lawyers to cope with the demand of the entrepreneurs. Whether it is Immigration – Student – Dependent or visitor visa, the first name that comes to mind for consultancy is MN Group.

We mainly are in the Canada PR. – Abroad Education Service. – Student visa (Canada Student VisaUSA Student VisaAustralia Student VisaUK Student VisaNew Zealand Student Visa). – Business Immigration Canada (Entrepreneur Immigration). – Quebec Skilled worker. – All PNP Programs Like (SINP – PEI – OINP – BC PNP). – Visitor visa (Canada Visitor VisaUSA Visitor VisaAustralia Visitor VisaUK Visitor VisaNew Zealand Visitor Visa). – Super Visa Canada. – Canada Dependent. – Australia Dependent Visa. – Open Work Permit. – Family sponsorship visa. – Visa Interview Preparation. – Passport Service, etc.

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