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Study in USA / USA Student Visa

Study in the USA is the dream for a number of Indian Students. Also, USA student visa has eligibility criteria,  so the main question is why study in USA. here we will guide you what are the requirements for study in USA for Indian students and what is the cost of studying in USA for Indian students.

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furthermore, The United States has a lot to offer to students. So, It is considered one of the best countries in the world to study and getting a degree in the USA is considered one of the best ways to ensure your future. Apart from this, The USA is also one of the most competitive countries in the world and it is a highly sought-after destination for students.


Associate Certificate/Diploma



1-2 years

4 years

2-3 years

6.0 (5.5) IELTS

6.0 (5.5) / 6.5 (6.0) IELTS

6.5 (6.0) IELTS

1 Year Job Search Visa



Fees: 13000-15000 USD $ (approx)/yr                            

15,000-20,000USD $ (approx)/yr

15,000-25,000 USD $ (approx)\yr

Intake- Sep / Jan / May



Earning Wage Rate-9-10 $/hr(approx)



Study Hour/Week – 20 hrs/week



   Documents Required:-


      Documents Required:-


·       SAT

   Documents Required:-


·       GMAT/GRE

Balance of 22-25 lakhs to be shown during admission time and at time of visa filing (Depends on university).

Basically, Total 5 years stamped visas will be processed.

Additionally, STEM students can get 36 months OPT visa.



1.     Visa Fees-$185

2.     SEVI FEES: – $350

3.     Application Fees- 65-150$USD (per college)

4.     IELTS Exam-17000 INR

5.     Courier Cost – 2250 Rs(per college)

Study In USA

Admission Intake : Spring: January – Summer: May – Fall: September

Note – All Mentioned Rates and Charges belong to Institutions, Governments, or Embassy so all are subject to change at any time.