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Visa FAQs

Visa FAQs / Visa Related Questions

Visa FAQs

A. Visa is a legal document allows individual to enter in different countries from home country, there are multiple visa categories are available, but you need to choose category as per your requirement i.e. Visit Visa – Study Abroad Visa or Student Visa – Permanent Residency Visa – Business Visa – Dependent Visa or Open Work Permit Visa. 

Q. Passport Is Compulsory for Visa?

A. Yes. Passport is Necessary Things for visa. Below is the link of passport office for Indian Residence.


Q. What Is PR or What is Permanent Residency?

A. Name is speaks for itself, its Permanent Residency visa allows to stay in visa issuance country and you can work – study or establish your own business. you will get all benefits similar to Citizen but you can’t Vote.

Q. What is IELTS or IELTS is Compulsory for Visa.

A. International English Language Testing System (IELTS) depend on country you wish to enter if you wish to study in Canada – Study in Australia – Study in New Zealand – Study in UK – Study in Germany. Then IELTS is Compulsory also if you wish to apply for Canada PR then also IELTS is Compulsory.

Note – Keep in Mind there’re some other options are also available like PTE, TOEFL, CELPIP, Duolingo.   

Australia         – TOEFL, PTE, IELTS

UK                  – IELTS – UKVI IELTS – DUOLINGO

USA                – IELTS (in student visa you can apply without IELTS Too)

New Zealand   – IELTS – DUOLINGO

*we have mentioned most acceptable examination in terms of admission or visa.

Q. Do I work in USA on Visitor visa?

A. No.

Q. Do I work on Student visa in Abroad?

A. Yes you can work 20hrs/week on student visa and full time in Vacation.

Ref. Canada – USA.

Q. What we should take care before applying visa?

A. First you need to check that you are applying in wright category, country of destination will fulfil your requirements, your all documents are genuine. 

Q. What is PGWP in Student Visa?

A. Post Graduate Work Permit that you received after completion of your course in abroad.

 Q. What is GIC in Student Visa Canada?

A. Guaranteed Investment Certificate need to deposit CAD 10,000/- in Student account if you open in Scotiabank Canada you need to deposit CAD 200 extra as processing and admin charges.

Q. Do I Need Study Permit for less than six months course in Canada.

A. you do not require study permit in Canada for less than six month course. but after COVID-19 you need to be fully vaccinated to travel Canada. and If you’re already in Canada, you don’t need a study permit for a course or study program that lasts 6 months or less.