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Skilled Worker in BC PNP

Canada PR Category for workers who has experience in technical, professional, trade, management, or other skilled occupation.

Must fulfill Three minimum criteria 

  • Willingness to live in British Columbia.
  • Economical Benefits to British Columbia
  •  Language Proficiency 

For occupation levels B, C, and D minimum language benchmark CLB Level 4 Each Listening, Speaking,  Reading, and Writing.

If you have an offer under NOC Skill Level A, including Skill Type 0, no need to submit language test results at the time of registration. but if you are claiming the point for Language you must submit a valid language result. 

To apply as a skilled worker you require 

An employer must have a business one-year-old. and if in metro Vancouver regional district has minimum 5 full-time employees and 3 in outside metro Vancouver regional district area. 

Minimum one job offer from an employer with a sign and stamp in NOC Level A or O.

Minimum 2 Years of full-time paid work experience in NOC O, A, or B in Canada or outside of Canada. paid co-op terms are also eligible but it must be 30 hours/week in skilled occupation and study must be completed, you need to provide documents of the completed study. 

and employer must fulfill employer requirements as below. 

must have a physical presence in British Columbia. 

must generate economical benefits for locals, like creating new jobs, transfer of knowledge, building workforce, and support to developments. 

business types

  • Incorporated in B.C. or extra-provincially registered
  • as a general, limited, or limited liability partnership in BC
  • eligible public sector or non-profit employer in B.C.

Below are some more acceptable public sectors.

  • provincial and regional health authorities and agencies
  • public post-secondary education and training institutions
  • public school districts private non-profit post-secondary institutions that are accredited by, or registered with,
    The Private Career Training Institutions Agency of BC.
  • Institutions supported by the Government of Canada or the Province of B.C. conducting research in natural and applied sciences, engineering, computer and information systems, or health sciences.
  • provincial/federal/municipal government organizations and agencies.
  • other non-profit groups registered as charitable organizations and/or incorporated under an applicable federal or provincial act.

An employer needs to sign a declaration form and have a valid business license.

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