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BC International Graduate – If you are an international student who has graduated from a university or college in Canada within the past three years, you may be eligible for nomination under the International Graduate category.

Some graduate-level degrees are eligible under the International Post-Graduate category.

If you have recently graduated from a B.C. post-secondary institution with a master’s or doctorate degree in the natural, applied or health sciences, you may be eligible for the BC PNP’s International Post-Graduate category.


Check below the program list of master’s and doctoral degrees for the eligible program list.BC INTERNATIONAL GRADUATE STREAM

  • agriculture, agriculture operations and related sciences
  • biological and biomedical sciences
  • computer and information sciences and support services
  • engineering
  • engineering technology and engineering-related fields
  • health professions and related programs
  • mathematics and statistics
  • natural resources conservation
  • physical science
As evidence that you meet this requirement, you must submit:
  • a copy of your official transcript showing the date that you completed all requirements of the degree program,


  • a copy of your degree.

In some cases, the BC PNP may request a copy of your transcripts and a copy of your degree to confirm that you meet this criterion.

You must have completed 50% or more of your studies from within Canada. Your education is not eligible if it is a distance education learning program either from abroad or from within Canada.

You must submit your application to the BC PNP within three years of the date you graduated, provided the date stated on your degree is less than 12 months after you completed your program of study.

You can apply to this category as soon as you have completed your program of study.

must show intent to stay, live, work, and be economically established in BC.

Evidence may include:
  • the length of any previous and/or current period of residence in B.C.;
  • your connections to B.C. through work, study or family;
  • a description of any actions you’ve taken to permanently settle in B.C., such as finding a
  • job or place to live;
  • current employment in B.C.;
  • employment search details (prospective employers, applications, networking efforts,
  • business development, etc.);
  • community involvement;
  • ability to financially support yourself and your dependents (if any) in B.C.; and
  • your plan to obtain or maintain legal authorization to work in B.C.

The BC PNP requires that applicants in this category live in B.C. after graduating from an eligible program of study. If you are not currently living in B.C., you must demonstrate the steps you are taking to live, work and economically establish in B.C., including the date you will arrive in B.C. Failure to demonstrate that you will live, work and establish economically in B.C. after completing your program of study may result in a refusal of your application.

In compelling/extenuating circumstances, the BC PNP may provide an exception from this policy for a limited time.