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Study in Ireland / Ireland Student visa

“Study in Best Good Country in the World”

Office in order for the visa office to be consider your application for Ireland student visa in an efficient manner. If it is not tabbed in the order outlined below, it may take longer to process your application.

Documents requirements to Study In Ireland.
  • A current passport or other valid travel documentation.Study In Ireland
  • Letter of acceptance from a recognized Irish institution.
  • As a mandatory condition, your passport needs to be valid for 12 months i.e., after your proposed date of arrival in Ireland 
  • Passport-sized colour photographs
  • The score of an English language proficiency test such as IELTS 
  • Proof of fee payment (this can either be a valid receipt showing course fees has been lodged to an approved student fee payment service or of the copy of Electronic Transfer of Funds by the applicant to the Irish bank of the university or college
  • Evidence of funds (€7,000) to provide your living expenses for the duration of your course
  • Evidence that accounts for any gaps in your educational history (if any) 
  • Medical insurance details
  • You might also be asked to provide with your biometric information as part of the application process
  • A statement of your commitment (SOP) that you’ll leave Ireland on the expiry of your visa
Capital City – Dublin
About Dublin, Ireland
  • Dublin is the Capital & largest city of Ireland.
  • Top 30 Cities in the world.
  • It is a historical @Contemporary Center for Arts, Education, Administration & Industry.
  • Dublin: European Headquarters of High-tech companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, PayPal, eBay and more.
  • Established centers for many pharmaceutical companies.
  • Provides immense employment opportunities at world leading companies.
  • Prominent English-Speaking country in the Eurozone.
  • Safe and Friendly

For sure, Ireland is a great destination to visit, but if you have an opportunity to live here for a few years, it will be a remarkable experience!’

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  • Master of Science in Applied Software Development
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